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Both my husband and I were so blessed to be able to both be home with our girls thats for sure. I remained at the hospital working as a RN casually to keep my nursing license but otherwise, we were completely living and paying off debt from my business. IT FELT AMAZING. Around this time I was also able to do something else that was something I never thought I would be able to do. I was able to move my dad to my town, and help him with his living expences and my girls would finally get to know their grandfather. While my dad was an amazing man, but he was not always the most responsible when it came to bills he had financially struggled for so long, ofcourse being on a fixed income didnt help. I was so relevied that we were able to lift some of the financial strain off my dad, and his health improved so much over the following months. That was until Feb 3, 2016, that is the day the my world stopped. As I boarded a plane to Tampa, my dad on the other end of the phone told me that he had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. 

To say we were heartbroken would be an understatement, I cried the whole way to Tampa. My dad insisted I continue my trip because they would be doing some test over the days to come and he would rather see me at the event with my company. My dad knew how much my business had blessed us, but he also knew that I was really upset and wanted me to be around happy positive people. Once I returned from florida, life was drastically different. I became my dads full time care giver, nurse, advocate, and daughter. For 7 months my daddy fought for his life and all the while I was able to be there with him. We made so many memories over those months and no matter what was happening in life around us, being able to not have to go to a JOB, and be able to provide for two households soley on by income from my business, I looked at our blessings totally differently now. Unfortunately on August 18th, 2016 my daddy passed away, I was there with him alone when he took his last breath and that moment I WILL NEVER FORGET. 

You see I joined my crazy company just trying to earn a couple hundred dollars a month extra, but what I realized over the years is that this business was planted in my path becuase god knew the journey we would be on. I am forever thankful for each and every single day I have been able to spend with my girls, my loved ones, and my daddy over the last 3 1/2 years. I can not imagine life wihtout those moments at all. 

After my dads passing my I realized how many others I wanted to be able to help be there for their loved ones should they ever need to. I realized that my purpose was to coach and mentor those that want to improve, just as my dad had my entire life as a coach sports coach. I realized I wanted to improve my health more and also help others improve theirs. I learned that TIME IS PRECIOUS and to never take a day or moment for granted. I learned that I am so much stronger then I could have ever imagined, and while I may be overcome with tears and sadness, my heart is bigger then ever because my dad is in there, and my focus is clear....

I need to HELP people believe in themselves, teach them everything I know and POUR my all into everything I do. Sorry that was so long, but I wanted to share why I am so passionate. Why I am determined to change the world so much, why I believe in what I am doing, why I am who I am. Honestly, there is so much to this that I didn't even touch on but will in a blog someday. 

Love you all, thank you so much for checking out my page and giving me some support. Be sure to click the social plug in's at the top of my page so we can get to know eachother on other social media sites... I dont know about you, but I sure do love snapchat. haha. Talk to you soon. 


Just like so many others out there, I was a busy mom of 2, my husband and I both worked fulltime but we were drowning in debt. It seemed like no matter what we did, the cycle just continued. 

In March 2013 I was introducted to Network Marketing, and soon after fell in love with the opportunity to earn money from home and help others do the same. 

As time went on I was able to leave my full time job and work from home with my girls, a year later I was able to bring my husband home and reached the second highest rank in my company as well as being a Top 150 Money Earner our of over 140,000 distributors World Wide. 

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